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drive explorer for dropbox - listing dropbox files in a google sheet
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How does it work from  

Step 1: Install & launch the add-on

Install the add-on from the Google Workspace marketplace. After that open a Google Sheet, select Extensions → Drive Explorer for Dropbox → Launch.

launching dropbox explorer in a google sheet

Step 2: Authorize access to Dropbox

Wait for the sidebar to fully load. Then, click on the Authorize Dropbox button to give access to your Dropbox.

authorize access to dropbox in drive explorer for dropbox

Step 3: Pick folders

From the Dropbox chooser (file picker), select the folders from which you want to fetch the files.
drive explorer for dropbox pick folders using dropbox picker

Step 4: Fetch files

On the interface, add or remove folders as needed. When ready, select Fetch files.
selected folder/file list drive explorer for dropbox

Step 5: Analyse files

Your file details are fetched from Dropbox and written on the Google Sheet.
drive explorer for dropbox - listing dropbox files on a google sheet
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