YouTube Channel Metrics

In a Google Sheet, select Extensions → YT Tracker → Track YouTube channels. Now, YT Tracker inserts a header in the sheet.

You can insert/paste one or more channel IDs in the first column of the sheet to bring the channel metrics to the sheet. By default, 6 data points are brought to the sheet from the 10 available. You can pick the data points you want by following the guide in the available data points section.

yt tracker fetching channel metrics

How to get the channel ID

When you are in the channel page, you can get the channel ID from the address bar of the browser. The highlighted portion of the below URL is the channel ID.

Sometimes, it is not that straightforward. You will come across URLs like the ones below.

In that case, there is a way you can get the channel ID. Play a video uploaded by the channel. Below the video, you will see channel information. Click on the channel name. Now, in the address bar you can see the channel URL in the first form mentioned in this section meaning whatever is after channel/ is the channel ID.