Clear Sheet

Clears the connection between a sheet and Drive Explorer. Also, wipes the data in the sheet.


Drive Explorer offers two auto refresh features. Autorefresh on open and Scheduled update. These two features look for all the sheets in which you have used Drive Explorer and writes the relevant data from Google Drive automatically. Sometimes you may want to use some of those sheets for some other purpose. But, the auto-refresh features, when enabled, will kick-in and overwrite those sheets.

Selecting Extensions → Drive Explorer → Clear Sheet makes Drive Explorer forget all the connection it has with a sheet. Hence, that particular sheet will be untouched when the next auto-refresh happens. Please note that, selecting Clear Sheet will also delete all the data in that particular sheet. You can simply use Drive Explorer again in the sheet to reverse this behaviour.

Also, if you use the free version of Drive Explorer, you can use it in only one sheet. To change that sheet, you can use this feature.