Generate Image links

You can often use the links from the Preview link column as image links. You can't use these links on some websites or services for various reasons. Drive Explorer can generate usable image links that work across services.

You can use this feature only when you list files from Google Drive dashboard.

After listing the files in the browser, check the Image link in the fields section. Now, select the images in the file list and click the Generate image links button near the hamburger menu at the left of the file list table. Drive Explorer will start generating image links for the files chosen.

generating image links with drive explorer

The files selected should fulfil the following two requirements,

  • Should be an image file.
  • The size of the image should not exceed 100MB.

The generated link will have the following format,

Here, denotes the account. 1Njov4VdNrh_CFog3M5JcLyRsb8yKUhfD denotes the ID of the folder on Google Drive. dino.png is the name of the file.

How does it work

Drive Explorer uploads the images from your Google Drive to the drive-explorer Google Cloud Storage bucket. The link is sent back to Drive Explorer for your use.

It is a premium feature and requires you to have a premium license to use.